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Chainmail Roman Lorica Hamata - Alternating Mild Steel Wedge Riveted Flat Rings and Solid Flat Rings - SNC332N


XL - Fits Chest Size up to 56'' - Weight - 20 lb 2.4 oz Retail Price


This Roman Lorica Hamata is constructed from alternating wedge-riveted flat rings and solid flat rings. Each ring is 17 gauge in thickness and 9 mm in diameter. The dual shoulder panels are rimmed in stitched leather and the closure clasp is cast from brass.

IMPORTANT SIZING TIP: To accurately measure whether you will comfortably fit into this coat of mail it is necessary to first wear the clothing or padded gambeson that you intend to wear beneath the chainmail. Then measure your chest size over these additional layers. This way the additional width of your chest with these accumulated layers is accounted for when determining if the mail will fit properly.

Construction: Alternating Wedge Riveted / Solid Rings
Ring Type: Flat Mild Steel
Ring Size: 9mm - 17 gauge
Finish: Darkened    

XL Hamata - Alt Mild Sing Mild Steel Wedge Riveted Flat Rings