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Due to the significant backlog, price increases, shipping delays, and other issues affecting delivery times, we are only accepting orders AFTER you contact us about availability!  Impatient people who don't understand the word Pandemic have frustrated the process by not reading this page.

Please reach out to Soul of the Warrior via EMAIL

ALL ORDER INQUIRIES MUST BE VIA EMAIL FOR TRACKING PURPOSES!  This is VERY important during the COVID issues.  We ship in 7-9 days on IN STOCK merchandise... But not everything is in stock.

Soul of the Warrior has numerous producers, suppliers, and sources, and emails can be forwarded and sent where we need it to go to get an answer!  It also allows us to track your inquiries and info you need or have already recieved.

Phones are not answered on a regular basis.  

Please email Soul of the Warrior only!   

Include your WIX order number.

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Please allow 48-72 hours (more if at an event) for a response  From Soul of the Warrior.  If inquiring about an order, please cut and past the order info into the email or send the order email as that is how we track your order.  Please be sure to use the same EMAIL as the order was placed under!  Please do not send to many emails to quickly or you could get flagged as SPAM.  The paypal transaction number is useless to us, ours is different, just copy the paypal order email you rec'd and email it to us.  We also track via the email address used in the initial order... so please use it!

INTERNATIONALS:  Contact Soul of the Warrior to be invoiced for your order.  We do accept international orders, but have to invoice you direct with the correct shipping.

Soul of the Warrior  E-MAIL Order Inquiries:

Please remember that some of us at Soul of the Warrior are getting old... and cannot remember every email or the details of what joe six pack@ ordered!  When EMAILING Soul of a Warrior to inquire about an order, please include your REAL name, date or approximate date of the order, order number, email under which the order was placed, and a copy of the paypal shopping cart receipt, anything that will jog our memory and help us locate your order.  If you do not have all that, send what you do. 


You would be amazed at the number of emails we get that say:

"Any news on my order?"

from a secondary email address with no order info. 


Give us some details please!- Rusty



Soul of the Warrior does not have the capacity to check messages/computers/order info unless we are sitting in front of a computer... it does not happen often.  EMAIL US!  We will get back to you.

Due to the Covid economic slowdown, we at Soul of the Warrior working very odd hours, please email us for the quickest response to your queries.  Phone calls will be returned but may take several days.

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