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Soul of the Warrior is a different kind of company. We want all Re-enactors to be able to play as much as they wish the way they wish and reenactors to have access to well priced, quality gear! We have included links to other Arms, and Armor Suppliers that have similar philosophies and sell similar products, some are even our suppliers! We may not always have the lowest price (heck, we're not Wal-Mart) but we will be close! Orders are filled on a first come, first served basis and due to the custom made status and limited availability of some items, all sales are final, but we will work with you to make you happy!  We are sometimes slow, but we always deliver!


If you are interested in SOTW making your customized gear, trying your design, or just want to toss out some ideas, email us to speak to a representative or leave a message.  We are always looking for new ideas. Enjoy the site. Thanks for your continued support.


A Brief History of Soul of The Warrior:


SOTW was a lifelong dream. Committed to EXCELLENCE in design and only things that WORK. My re-enacting days began with the 47th New York State Volunteer Infantry Regiment in Charleston, SC.  I moved through the ranks for several years before deciding it was taking too much time, so I backed off.  I got drafted to be in an Easter drama where I was expected to wear a "roma" helmet that was a gold painted construction helmet with a literal broom on top.  It offended my sense of correctness...  I discovered in purchasing real Roman gear that the re-enacting itch was still there from my Civil War days.  I got involved in Church Dramas featuring Romans clad in proper armor! In 2001 I wrote and copyrighted an Easter play (by now it was more than just I) in which I played the Roman Centurion who Did the Deed and the Sixth Legion Reactivated was born.  Soon thereafter we got into Roman gear with the Legion Armory website where we offered stuff for sale and did reviews of reenacting gear from around the world.  As we grew, we began to include Gladiator, Greek, and eventually Medieval and Civil War gear, and pretty soon it became apparent that SOTW was more than just Roman.  In 2002 we incorporated under the "Soul of the Warrior" name and combined all our websites into one storefront under that title.  We truly supply the re-created weapons that have formed the souls of warriors since 700 BC.  Thanks each of you for the fun and growth we have been able to experience over the last few years, and we hope for many more!!!!




             Soul of the Warrior  LLC is a part time company venture run by dedicated Re-enactors, for Re-enactors!  We supply Re-enactors of all periods, and specialize in Roman Era Arms and Armor.  We have armor from Greece and Macedon to the Renaissance.  


             SOTW carries Deepeeka, Al Hamdd, Ideal, Lord of Battles, Panther Primitives, Westair, CAS Iberia, Hanwei, Denix, United Cutlery, Rite Edge, Schrade, Hibben, Columbia, Museum Replicas, Atlanta Cutlery, SZCO, Ideal, and GDFB in addition to our own Brutally Authentic line and products made by fellow reenactors!  If you don't see it, we can get it!!  We are often able to answer your specific questions about durability, authenticity, improvements, and options on much of our Roman gear as well as dispel myths and misinformation on the Roman world!  We are not always the quickest shipper (in fact we tend to be slow), since many items are custom made for you, and a wait may be involved as we have day jobs and do this for the love of the hobby, but we do DELIVER! Please email me every month about your order if you haven't received it, so we can be sure it is on the list and ships when available. Thanks for your patience! 

                         Please be sure to review our policies page so you understand who we are and what we do before you order.  We have stuff from 4 different continents made for us, so things can be slow.  We do not give out arbitrary delivery dates!  This can be frustrating for the buyer, but we simply have been burned to many times by our suppliers on delivery dates to create an artificial expectation for you!  We are slow, but we do deliver!

             SOTW has online ordering through the shopping cart, which accepts all major credit cards, or you can Paypal, Venmo, phone in, snail mail, or fax your credit card order direct to us!  We accept all major Credit Cards, Personal or business Checks, or Money Orders.  See our order page for details!  Please review the policies and procedures prior to ordering, particularly on custom orders.  Items for sale are the ones named in the text, other items appearing in our photos do not come with the named item and are for illustrative purposes only.

            Whatever your period of interest, you will enjoy browsing the site, and you may even learn something too! We want you to have access to economically priced re-enacting gear as well as our SOTWBrutally Authentic gear, and to that end we have formed one of the most interesting sites on the net. 


             Please take a moment and review our "How to Order" and "Policies" page before ordering, and be sure you understand how we work.  Many of our products are hand made by re-enactors here and overseas, by us, or from overseas suppliers, and delays do occur.  Stick with us, and you'll love it!  Peruse the site.  Hopefully you will learn a little as you surf.  Thanks for your interest, and remember:


                   The Sword is the Soul of the Warrior!!


Centurio Justus Rustius Longinus 



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