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Welcome to Soul of the Warrior!

Note:  Due to the myriad delays we have suspended ordering via Paypal/CC direct.  This is so you can contact us about availability and potential waits.  We have always asked that you contact us prior to ordering, but people just aren't doing that and then get angry when I tell them it is backordered.  Covid hit India very hard and they still have lockdowns.    Shipping is slower, and inventories are very low everywhere.  To order, email us a list of what you are looking for!  We can then invoice you via Paypal (or CC, Check, or MO) for the stuff you want now, and be sure you do not mind waiting on the rest.  Please note that orders over 90 days old cannot be refunded, though we will work with you if you wish to order in stock merchandise with store credits. Email us at to check on the items you want!


Soul of the Warrior LLC is a small company run by Re-enactors, for Re-enactors.  We search the globe for both affordable items to improve your impression, as well as Brutally Authentic items that are "period perfect!"

We specialize in the Roman era, and can point you in directions and make recommendations to help you join the Legions, or Rome's eternal enemies!  For other periods we can assist in locating items and making custom designs to your specifications.  If you can imagine it, our craftsmen can make it!

Our schedule is odd, so we heartily recommend that you Email us ( for questions.  We do not have every item in stock!  Please contact us if you have a deadline.  We also like to stay in touch while things are being made, so if you don't hear from us every thirty days or so, Please email us!

Soul of the Warrior has revitalized for MMXX (2020) with a lot of new products, five times our former inventory, and exclusive new designs coming soon.  We look forward to helping you add those little details to your impression that make it "perfect."

Involved in stage or costuming?  Be sure to check the fantasy section for items suitable for the stage, but not generally acceptable for re-enacting.  Please check with your Unit commander or staff to make sure what you are purchasing meets the unit standards.

Finally, don't miss out on our Free Downloads!  Lots of interesting things we have picked up over the years provided free for you!

Step back in time with us, and remember,

The Sword is the Soul of the Warrior!

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