This pair of Late Medieval Pauldrons are crafted from 16 gauge steel and are constructed with swivel and slotted rivets for good articulation which ensures a wider range of free movement for the wearer. Many of the plates slide against each other with easy movement and the front of the armor even has slotted rivets which allow for the corner of the armor to compress when tighter arm movement is required.

The armor is donned by buckling and securing it to gorget or breastplate with an extra leather strap to connect to the pauldron buckle. A second set of buckles and thick leather straps are used to secure the armor to the upper arm.

Please Note: The photos show the armor being used with a gorget - a gorget or breastplate is needed to anchor these pauldrons into position for proper functionality. Neither a gorget or breastplate is included and these are shown for demonstration purposes only. These additional components are available separately. The last several photos show the pauldrons on their own to show what is included.

8 1/2'' Long x 12 7/8'' Wide x 8'' Tall - Approximate Dimensions Weight of Individual Pauldron: 3 lbs 15.5 oz

This pair of Late Medieval Pauldrons are crafted from 16 gauge steel and are con

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