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Imperial Roman Gallic H Helmet is constructed from 18 gauge steel with brass accents. The interior of the helm is blackened and unlined; included with the helm is a separate padded cotton arming cap. The hinged cheek plates have two small rings that can be used to tie a chin strap onto (chin strap not included).

This helm has a horsehair crest and a brass crest holder; the crest and its holder can be removed if desired. Included are leather cords that can be used to tie down and stabilize the helm to the small rings atop the helm.

This helm can be converted to having a transverse crest by using a crest holder intended for a transverse crest (not included). The brim of the helm has two holes in its domed base rivets that can be used to tie down a transverse crest.

Front to Back: 8''
Side to Side: 8 1/2''
Interior Circumference: 25'' 3 lb 15 oz

Roman Imperial Gallic ‘’H’’ Helm- 18 Gauge Steel - AH6067