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Scandinavian Vendel Chieftain’s sword has a blade of tempered high carbon steel which is securely anchored into a highly detailed hilt with finely cast components of antiqued brass with tin-plated brass banded accenting. The grip is leather over hardwood and the pommel is inlaid with vibrant red enamel to recreate the red garnet gemstones of originals. Like many originals the pommel is a two-part construction which is completed with a riveted cap over the secured blade tang. This sword is in the style of examples which have a stylized pommel ‘’ring’’ - a symbolic form used in lieu of a free-moving ring which was more common to earlier styles.

The sword is matched with a wooden scabbard which is bound in leather and fitted with an antiqued brass chape and locket. The suspension loop of wood is bound to the scabbard in leather banding and it can be used to hang your sword from your own baldric or belt.

Overall Length: 35 3/4'' Blade: 29 3/8'' 3 lbs 3 oz

PRS412 Scandinavian Vendel Chieftain's sword