Lamellar armor had been in use for centuries across central Asia, and the Khazars were no exception. This lamellar is based on a set of D-shaped plates found in the foreign district at Birka, in the burial of a Khazar aristocrat. Contrary to popular belief, this armor is not Viking.

This lamellar torso armor is constructed from hundreds of plates of 20 gauge steel tied into form with thick leather cordage. The armor is bordered in thick suede leather. The shoulder is padded with leather on the interior to cushion the shoulder from the weight of the armor. The armor is fastened and fitted to the body with leather cords on its side.

It is common for this armor to have some dried, brown oil and some light rust on the plates - they can be removed with a light abrasive.

Please Make a Selection:
Medium - Fits Chest Size of About 42''
Large - Fits Chest Size of About 46''
X-Large - Fits Chest Size of About 50''

Birka Khazar D-Plate Lamellar - SNSA9112N

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