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This Visored Kettle Helm is full of medieval German character and is crafted from 16 gauge steel. The visor is articulated and it also has an integrated spring lock can fasten the helmet into position when lowered. Pressing an adjacent steel button releases the lock and allows for the visor to be raised.

The interior has an adjustable suspension liner of padded cotton canvas which can modify the height at which the helmet sits upon the head. An integrated leather buckle with an adjustable brass strap fastens and secures the helmet to the head. Some of the photos demonstrate this helmet being paired with a bevor which was a common historical arrangement, this is for demonstration purposes only.

Please Note: Bevor is not included nor are any other accessories. These are all available separately.

Front to Back: 9''
Side to Side: 7''
Interior Circumference: Appx 24 3/4'' 5 lbs 7.2 oz

German / Swiss Visored Kettle-Sallet Helm - LB25322