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This Elven Warrior’s helmet is ideal for an elite warrior of the sylvan kingdoms, both ancient and powerful in equal measure. The helmet is crafted from 16 gauge steel and its curved surfaces are not merely a display of craftsmanship - they serve to deflect and redirect the force of a connecting strike from a foe. The nasal bar gives extensive protection to the face whilst leaving the vision, breathing and communication abilities of the warrior unobstructed. Not only an Elven helmet, this head protection can be used for many fantasy warriors who want to create a look suitable for warriors of ancient kingdoms secured by steel-clad legions of disciplined soldiery.

The interior of the helmet is blackened to give it some resistance to rusting. The internal suspension liner allows for the helmet to be immediately worn and it can be adjusted to fit to modify the fit of the helmet to the head. A leather chin strap with an adjusting brass buckle completes the helmet.

Front to Back: 9 1/2''
Side to Side: 8''
Interior Circumference: 26 1/2'' 5 lbs 2.5 oz

Elven Warrior Helmet - LB25323