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This set of pauldrons is constructed from sturdy 16 gauge steel and are able to upgrade your armored protection by fastening them onto your own arming doublet, chainmail or plate gorget or breastplate (lacings are not included). More lightweight and less cumbersome than bulkier forms, they pair well with padded armor and chainmail to ensure a close fit which minimizes pulling or bunching up the shoulders of the chainmail or padded armor.

The armor is edged in fashionably cut leather for chafe protection and a thick leather strap and durable steel buckle allow for the armor to be adjused to fit on the arm.

These pauldrons can be used in a variety of ways and their upper tab allows for them to be laced onto arming doublets and gambesons and they can be readily mounted onto chainmail by simply lacing them through open rings. They can also be tied directly onto a gorget or breastplate to secure them into position as well.

10'' Long x 7'' Wide Weight of Individual Pauldron: 1 lb 5.6 oz

edieval Pauldrons - Mountable Upgrade for Chainmail and Padded Armor - 16 Gauge