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These articulated gauntlets are made from 16 gauge steel with a blued finish and they are richly adorned in brass trim and detailing. The raised pyramidal knuckles and brass spikes the knight bearing these gauntlets into battle is never truly disarmed should he find himself without sword or dagger handy in a close-combat scrap. An integrated internal glove of leather suede fits the hand within the steel shell. The suede leather gloves are backed with thicker, stitched leather to protect it from contact and chafing with the moving metal plates.

Please Note: It is common for this item to have scratches, small indentations and spots of dried oil on the steel and brass, as well as light pitting or light rust in recessed areas.

Overall Length: 9 3/4'' (not including cuff of internal glove) 2 lb 5.4 oz each

Black Baron's Hourglass Gauntlets - LB25182