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large medieval spearhead with its long and wide blade recreates a form which was designed for stopping boar and big game with a single powerful strike - the widened blade would cause a deep and wide wound quickly and the winged lugs on the side prevent over-penetration to ensure that the wielder could keep a safe distance from the thrashing of a wounded boar.

The spearhead is made from high carbon steel and it is socketed so that it can be mounted atop your own wooden haft. Two pre-drilled holes allow for the spearhead to be reinforced with screws when mounted. This additional hardware is not included.

Overall Length: 19 13/16'' Blade: 14 3/4''
Diameter of Socket: Approximately 1 1/8'' (28 mm) 2 lbs 1.7 oz

Ah7222H Hunting Spearhead