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Similar in shape to the classic Thracian helm, this helmet differs in only one respect, and that is the protective face guard. Otherwise, though, this Gladiator Brass Arena Helmet was just as protective and just as impressive as its other rivals. Like a typical Thracian helmet, this helmet features a tall, flat crest that adorns the top of the helmets crown. A wide brim wraps around the helmets shape, serving to prevent blows from coming down across the warriors face or neck, while a mosaic-mesh of metal acts as a faceguard for the wearer. An added benefit for the altered faceguard is a lighter weight and more breathability in the helm, meaning that gladiators wearing this could fight for longer without risking exhaustion. The helmet is made entirely from quality brass metal and features a simple portrait decoration just above the brim and below the end of the crest. Do you find that your gladiators are getting too tired to fight for long periods of time? Stop weighing them down with h

AH6203B Gladiator Brass Arena Helmet