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The full set of Maximilian armor is constructed from 18 gauge steel. The armor can be worn, but its movement can be restricted and not optimal for stage and sport combat where greater mobility is required. It can function as a display armor with some modifications. A set of leather straps and steel buckles fit the armor to the body or stand. The armor includes a helmet, torso armor, arm and leg armor and gauntlets.

The helmet has a hinged visor and is an armet style helm which has opening side plates which open to accommodate the head. The helmet is unlined. The torso armor is a breastplate and a backplate which have articulated faulds.

The arm armor has the pauldrons fitted to the rest of the armor as a single piece. The two sets of arm armor buckle across to one another to keep them in place. The leg armor, like the arm armor, is a single overall piece of many articulated plates.

The articulated clamshell gauntlets are fitted with a leather palm strap and an integrated leather glove. In many cases the glove has come loose from the glue that attached it to the top of the gauntlet.

Interior Circumference of Torso Armor is approximately 43''
Armor designed for a person who is approximately 6 feet tall

16th Century Maximillian Armor