Roman Threads

Customized Roman Embroidery!

Coming Soon!!  SOTW offers custom embroidered Roman designs for you or your legion!!  Small lot orders, great pricing, and pre made designs we can add you Legion, Name, or Designation!  Definitely not "in period", but a great way to represent at your next Zoom meeting, while traveling, or to present a professional image at planning meetings.  We offer 10 color printing and can digitize your design if you are looking for something REALLY custom.... Or pick one of our Pre-set Roman and ancient era designs and add your deets!  


Below are a few samples of the images we have in house to give you a sample of what we can do!  See something you like?  Have an image you want to put on your shirt, hat, patch or other item?  Contact us! 


These are done IN HOUSE by US, so you can rest easy and know they will look awesome!

Can we do BARBARIAN THREADS?  Of Course!  Just ask!!!!!

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We are slow, but we do deliver!!

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