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Feared by Marines, the small and compact TYPE 89 Kneem Mortar (Known as the Knee Mortar due to a bad translation) was one of the best weapons fielded by the Japanese Infantryman in WWII.  A Short ranged mortar designed to be fired braced on the ground or on a log, the Knee Mortar gave the Japanese a huge advantage in short range firepower.  Many a Marine broke his leg trying to fire the weapon off his "Knee".  Ours is not quite that powerful, but it provides excellent and easy to trasport firepower for the Paintball Infantryman!  Ranges of up to 100 yards with the 12 gram Version, and 130+ with the CA model.  Uses our signature 52mm ammo styles (Series I Ammo).  Includes our stickers in Japanese and English, the Japanese ones on simulated rice paper!  Looks absolutely awesome.  Leather handle completes the WWII Look.  Add an assault sling to carry it on your back.  Can be used as a mortar, direct fire weapon, shoulder fired, or even from your knee!

Type 89 Japanese WWII "Knee Mortar"