The Ludus Militis Roman Century Tactica
Tactical Drill Manual of the Imperial Roman Army 
A thoroughly researched version of the drill commands likely used by the Roman Army in the Pax Romana period and before.  The Tactica takes a number of sources (with footnotes and references... three pages of them!) to put together the most complete drill manual for Contubernium or Century movement.  This is the drill adopted and used for the annual AD43 Lafe Event by the US Legions attending.  Building on the commands used by many of our independent legions, the Tactica is the "next step" in Latin drill. 
These items include the Full Public Release version of the Tactica, the Tractus Ut Contactus "Movement to Contact" Manual, Conjectural Bugle, Cornu, Tuba calls of the Legions, as well as supporting files to allow you to make your own "wax tablets" for your legion.  The open-use "PR" or Public Release version of the Tactica is available free for download on website.

The Ludus Militis Tactica on CD Rom

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