The Custom made SOTW leather subarmalis is based on the one designed by Centurio Longinus of Legio VI FFC.  The leather is vegetable tanned, as are all ties and pterugis.  It accepts oil or dyes easily and readily.  Sticthing is done in a waxed white thread that will hold up to abuse. 
The standard model shown includes velcro'd pterugis to make them removable (they can also be sewn in easily as an option.  We find that the subarmalis can be used for different impressions if the lower pterugis are removable, but that is up to you.)  Pictures of both models are below.  The leather draw string in the back insures a tight fit.  As for the look itself, Centurio Longinus went for leather ties in front reminiscent of a lorica segmentata ties, and the overall look of the jerkin is of a leather Hamata.  It looks great under armor, or by a chilly fire.  As for authenticity we do not have a "based on" model, though we know the Romans had them, the entire piece must be clasified as conjectural,

SOTW Custom Leather Subarmalis

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