Crafted from dyed 4-5 oz chrome tanned split leather and constructed with durable stitching, this all-leather Roman subarmalis is ready to form the base defense layer of a Roman Legionary. The front and back of the armor are joined and integrated at the shoulders and are fitted at the sides by overlapped edges which are fastened by lacing a leather cord through pre-made holes. Leather cord is included for this purpose. Potentially, the fit of this leather armor could be adjusted by making a new set of lacing holes yourself if needed.

An essential component of the Roman Soldier’s campaign kit was a quality subarmalis; worn beneath his mail, scale or segmented plate defense the subarmalis formed an inner, cut-resistant defensive layer that served to augment the defense of the main armor. Perhaps more importantly however, the subarmalis acted as a layer to protect the soldier from his own armor by granting chafe protection - this makes the subarmalis an absolutely essential piece of gear for the Roman method of marching in campaign with armor on and ready for action.


Limited Sizing:  40" chest

Simple Leather Subarmalis

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