This replica of a Type D Viking Sword has a hilt crafted from finely-cast and highly detailed bronze and its blade is forged from tempered high carbon steel. The blade is mounted into the hilt in the traditional manner by anchoring it to the base of a two-part pommel. Once the sword was secured the pommel was completed by riveting its cap into place. A grip of hardwood which is wrapped in quality leather completes the sword.

The sword comes with a wooden scabbard which is wrapped in tightly stitched leather and embellished with bronze Viking knotwork fittings and a bronze suspension loop to allow for you to allow for your baldric or sword belt to be fitted to the sword for wear.

Overall Length: 37 7/8'' Blade: 30 7/8'' 3 lbs 3.9 oz

PRS407W Bronze Hilt Vikign Sword w/ Leather wrapped handle