Our same 52mm M72 LAWGiver, but now with regulated constant air (uses standard paintball CO2 or HPA Tanks)! RPG adds a High Pressure regulator and gauge allowing you to have more power! Maximum range is now over 200 feet! Uses RPG 52mm Ammo, or use the included RPG Ammo plans to build your own shotgun, grenade, or specialty ammo! Will accdept a remote line or on/off CA tank (the tank will hang out the back of the launcher) The M72 will fire 2" Nerf Vortex (tm) rounds as will all of our 52mm launchers! With this round maximum range is increased! We offer them M72 with or without decals, just let us know. We have them in stock pretty regularly. Includes our RPG Ammo plans which detail seven different types of ammo!! This includes the Nerf Vortex, Paintball Shotgun Round, Paint Balloon, Paint Grenade, Buck-n-ball (a combo balloon and shotgun round), smoke, cup shotgun rounds, and much more! Maintenance is very simple, a drop of oil on the valve after each days play will make her last.

M72 LAWGiver Limited Edition CA Model

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