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This full suit of Milanese armor is suitable for display - particularly for someone who wants a display armor that is much more realistic in proportion and appearance than what is commonly available on the market. The armor is constructed from plates of riveted and articulated 18 gauge steel.

Included with the armor is a sturdy armor display stand of blackened metal and a weighty wooden base that doubles as a display pedestal. Included is a holder for a sword tip that can be affixed to the wooden base. The gauntlets are fitted at an angle to allow them to rest upon the hilt of a sword to complete the display. Sword not included.

The helmet is fully wearable and fitted with an integrated leather suspension liner and a buckled chin strap. The torso and leg armor is also wearable. The arm armor however, is constructed in such a way that it would make movement difficult. 

Armor Height including display stand: 77 1/2''

Dimensions of Wooden Base are 20 1/8'' x 16 1/2'' x 7 1/2''

Early 15th Century Milanese Armor - SNSA9604