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The Avenger Arm Armor is constructed from 18 gauge steel. The armor is a matched set of armor and each arm armor is comprised of four pieces; an upper arm piece, elbow piece, outer bracer and inner bracer. The upper piece, elbow piece and the outer bracer are fitted together and articulated by riveting them into thick leather bands on the inside. The inner half of the bracer is a separate piece and it can be buckled into position opposite the outer bracer.

The armor is blackened on the inside and a series of steel buckles and matching straps fit them around the arm. The upper part of this armor has a buckle which can be used to fit it onto a pauldron. 

Overall Length: 14''    3 lb 5.1 oz

Avenger Arm Armor - Upper Arm, Elbow, Forearm - SNSA9308