Perhaps as a way of spicing up the fight, gladiators did not often wear much clothing. What little they wore was designed to offer slight protection, and nothing else. Thus, many gladiators wore as little garments as these White Gladiator Shorts. Straight-forward in design, these shorts are made from fabric and are designed with modesty in mind, covering a warrior about the waist, while leaving his legs free to move with ease. This torso, likewise, is left exposed, leaving room for various bits and pieces of armor to be worn, to suit the various types of gladiator with ease. General and versatile, these shorts are something that any gladiator would likely have worn, and thus, they make for a great addition to just about any gladiator costume that an enthusiast might wear. And like their historical cousins, these White Gladiator Shorts offer good mobility and light comfort, which ensures that when you are fighting in the pits (or at least, putting on a good show), you look every inch li

AH6264 Gladiator Subaculum