Lorica Segmentata is the classic Roman segmented armor popularized by Hollywood movies. This type of armor came into use at the very beginning of the 1st century AD, with the first find being at Kalkriese. Along with the Kalkriese find, there are also the Corbridge A, Corbridge B, and Newstead find, with the differences all based on how the plates were attached. All of these items are available fitting a size 32-44 chest and 32-42 waist. 

Product #: AH3851, AH3851C, AH3851B, AH3851N, respectively.
Price: $202.50 (Kalkriese), $187.50 (Corbridge A), $217.50 (Corbridge B), $217.50 (Newstead)

AH3851 Kalkriese Lorica Segmentata