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Templar Cross Sword has a blade which is crafted from tempered high carbon steel and it is sturdily mounted into the hilt with a robust peen over the pommel. The guard and pommel are hand-forged from steel and the hardwood grip is tightly wrapped in quality leather. The inset cross on the pommel is filled with red enamel to give the sword some vibrant and fetching color.

The sword comes with a scabbard of thick leather with sturdily stitched construction. Its antiqued brass hanging rings are connected to an integrated sword belt which can be adjusted to size with its matching antiqued brass buckle.

A stylistically matching dagger for this sword is also available and can be paired with it to create a complete set - it is sold separately.

Overall Length: 37 7/16'' Blade: 30 9/16'' 2 lbs 8.8 oz