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June 26, 2020


SOTW Crested Helmet Special!!

While Supplies last!  SOTW has 3 Crested Roman Gallic G and H helms on sale!  Check the Roman Helmet page.  Each includes a Genuine Horsehair crest ($90 value) and appropriate Crest mount ($22 Value) plus one of the two best and most accurate Deepeeka helms out there!  The Gallic G or H.  Just $171 each!  Great Price for a great helm.


Check them out on our Roman Helmet Page!!

SOTW MMXX Special!  ONLY 2 LEFT!!!!

1- 46 Chest, 1- 50 Chest

Lorica Hamata was the Roman word for chainmail, which was the dominant form of armor in the Roman army from the 4th century BC to the 5th century AD. Our Basic Roman chainmail is made of 6mm ID, 4-in-1 alternating riveted and punched round links, with a doubler, no sleeves, two hook button sets, and leather edging. Available only in mild steel and with vegetable tanned leather edging. Item must be custom ordered, and measurements are required. BRUTALLY AUTHENTIC!


Now, to celebrate the Return of Brutally Authentic, and for a limited time, Size 46 Chest, 30" length Brutally Authentic Hamata, with hooks, doubler, and edging... AND one for a 50 Chest JUST $350 Dollars!!!! While Supplies Last!!

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Special on Custom Fitted Squamata Armor

30% off!! 

Regularly $800 yours starting at $560!!

Available in Brass, Bronze, Tinned bronze, alternating and Steel, the SOTW Custom Squamata is made to your size and specifications. A basic set of scale has a clamshell shoulder guards, scalloping, linen backed, vegetable tanned leather lined, and have brass 15x25x0.3mm scales based on finds at Vindonissa. The scales are slightly dished and rounded at the end and stitched with linen thread. They can also have the exposed brass ring if requested.  Custom leather colors, or plain veg tanned if preferred.  One set of scallops or two.  This the same armor I have used for years, and it has held up amazingly.  Heavy linen backing! Other options are available, your measurements are needed, and this item must be custom ordered.




To inquire about this product, contact us at info@soulofthewarrior.comPrice: Starting at $560.00

For a limited time!!  Welcome Brutally Authentic Back in STYLE!!

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